Audio Papers

Recorded versions of the Commodities of Empire Working Papers series. Voiced by Jonathan Curry.

Any enquiries about these, or any other aspect of the Commodities of Empire audio-visual programme should be directed to Dr Jonathan Curry-Machado

Working Paper 1: Sandip Hazareesingh, ‘Chasing commodities over the whole surface of the globe: shipping, port development and the making of networks between Glasgow and Bombay, c.1850-1880’

Working Paper 2: Jonathan Curry-Machado, ‘Sub-imperial globalisation and the phoenix of empire: sugar, engineering and commerce in nineteenth century Cuba’

Working Paper 3: Jean Stubbs, ‘Reinventing Mecca: tobacco in the Dominican Republic, 1763-2007’

Working Paper 4: Miguel Suarez Bosa, ‘The role of the Canary Islands in the Atlantic coal route from the end of the nineteenth century to the beginning of the twentieth century: corporate strategies’