Research projects

Commodities of Empire is directly involved in a number of research initiatives:

Research website

The AHRC-funded Commodity Histories website was a Commodities of Empire initiative, hosted by the Open University. It was launched in September 2013, as an open-access resource for both research and teaching on commodities and global history. It aimed to raise public awareness of the histories and cultures of Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and Latin America via their crucial role in the production of commodities and in their growing of all kinds of useful plants and crops. It was the first digital academic site in the UK to broadly focus on the histories of these parts of the world.

Commodity Histories has now been incorporated into the current Commodities of Empire website, so as to preserve the research material that had been gathered there, primarily in the form of ‘Research Journeys‘ and Primary Sources.

Research network

Commodities of Empire has links with the following research centres, networks, and projects: