Commodities of Empire Project Workshop

Senate House, University of London. September 2011

At this one-day workshop, discussions were held on a number of research initiatives that the Commodities of Empire project is involved in:

  • Digital plans – an internet strategy for the Commodities of Empire project
  • Commodities and Anticommodities
  • Environment, climate and plants
  • Global circulation of tropical agricultural scientific knowledge
  • Cuba-Java
  • Cuban diaspora

The workshop was followed by the book launch of Jonathan Curry-Machado’s Cuban Sugar Industry: Transnational Networks and Engineering Migrants in Mid-Nineteenth Century Cuba (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2011).


Ulbe Bosma (International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam)

Jonathan Curry-Machado (Institute for the Study of the Americas/University of Wageningen. Commodities of Empire coordinator)

Paulo Drinot (Institute for the Study of the Americas)

Leida Fernández (CSIC, Madrid)

Sandip Hazareesingh (Ferguson Centre, Open University. Commodities of Empire co-director)

Cathie Krull (Queen’s University, Canada)

John Levin (Digital humanities consultant)

Harro Maat (University of Wageningen)

Ratna Saptari (University of Leiden)

Jean Stubbs (Institute for the Study of the Americas. Commodities of Empire co-director)